Can You Control Detention Time?

Detention is a big topic in the trucking industry now, thanks in part to greater use of ELDs that put delays at shippers and receivers on record, and to a recent U.S. DOT report from the Office of the Inspector General that ties those delays to increased crash rates. On one hand, the detention issue […]

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Big Opportunities: Managing Expansion

More than 30 years ago, the Harvard Business Review published a paper that detailed the five stages of small business growth and the challenges that owners faced at each point. Business experts in multiple fields still cite that paper because it so clearly lays out what an owner can expect once they launch, no matter […]

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3 Common Freight Factoring Myths

Nearly 80 percent of new trucking companies turn to factoring to help them steady their cash flow until they get established, which would indicate a certain amount of acceptance and trust of the partnership. But a certain amount of suspicion and wariness still holds on among some fleet owners when it comes to factoring. The […]

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Can Millennials Relieve the Driver Shortage?

For years the trucking industry has been wringing its collective hands over a coming driver shortage. With a significant percentage of truckers getting close to retirement age and fewer young people choosing to join the industry, a frightening gap between supply and demand was imminent. There was much fretting, but little change in the basic […]

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Blog post image future of trucking

The Future of Trucking is Here

Staying competitive means keeping current with what is happening in the trucking industry, and staying nimble means thinking about what will come along next.

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Blog post image trusting a factoring company

Overcoming a Bad Factoring Experience

The factoring company that is right for you will be a partner, working to help you achieve your company’s goals.

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Blog post image state of trucking 2017

The State of Trucking: A Look Back at 2017

With the New Year upon us and a busy year in trucking behind, let’s take a brief journey back into the headlines that dominated 2017.

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Hero image for blog post about Carrier diversification trucking

Carrier Diversification and the Capacity Crunch

Diversification, often used by trucking companies to hang in and survive during an economic downturn, may work just as well in today’s capacity crunch.

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image of big idaho potato truck

A Very Trucking Christmas

A lot of truckers spend the holidays on the road, but that doesn’t mean they leave the Christmas spirit behind. Here’s to all men and women out there rolling through the holidays and being so cheery about it.

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hero image freight factoring infographic

Infographic: How Freight Factoring Fits into your Trucking Company’s Business Plan

If you’re a fleet owner interested in how factoring might fit into your fleet operations, here is an intro to the fundamentals of freight factoring.

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