Personalization Matters Most in Fleet Factoring

Personalization Matters Most in Fleet Factoring

The Surprising Personal Touch in Fleet Factoring

Just like any company in any industry, when a company begins to consider options for financing, most are likely focused on the bottom line interest rates that comes along with a very measured and detached approach. With that approach, they are getting the most direct line to the credit with the least amount of fees and red tape. Unfortunately, the result is a very abstract and sometimes remote engagement without the reliability of a trusted relationship. However, when it comes to financing in the trucking industry, there are alternative financing options that provide that relationship and even much more. Fleet factoring is an option that surprises many with a customized and personal experience that sets the service apart.

What Does “Personalization” Mean?

It used to be that the most personalized service we got as B2C consumers or even B2B customers was our name integrated into the body of an email as if corporations were addressing us individually. We have come a very long way since then. Both B2C and B2B engagements are more personal than ever with the evolution of technology. Marketers often times know more about us than we sometimes know about ourselves. We are getting inundated with messages that indicate they know our likes, our dislikes, our travel patterns and most certainly, our buying patterns. Our smart phones, laptops and tablets are collecting data with every word we type, and the personal assistance in Alexa and Google seem to hear every conversation.

The Surprising Personal Touch in Fleet Factoring

Personalization is no longer a compelling tactic, it is must, and it is taking hold in every industry in the B2C segments as well as B2B, which includes the trucking industry and fleet factoring. What it all means is that the market requires more than a one size fits all solution. A reliable financing solution is more complex than bottom line interest rates. Customers want everything they buy to reflect who we are as individuals and they want every process that they engage with to make their lives easier. FleetOne Factoring is paying attention and delivering.

Interest in Fleet Factoring Magnifies the Need for Personalization

Recently, the fleet factoring industry has attracted a lot of attention from venture capital investors (VC). These investors are interested in fleet factoring for many reasons but the main one is the industry itself. The trucking industry is one of the most successful and sustainable industries in the world with revenue topping $700 billion dollars in 2017. That number is a 3.5% increase from the previous year, with reports from this year expected to improve. And those are just the numbers. Trucking is essential in every other industry in the world in one way or another. It is the backbone of our economy and helps to keep America and the world in business.

Trucking is literally the driving force behind our great economy. Safe, reliable and efficient motor carriers enable businesses throughout the supply chain to maintain lean inventories, thereby saving the economy millions of dollars each year. — ATA President Chris Spear

It’s no wonder there is VC interest. However, they are most interested in the tech within factoring capabilities, and not as much concerned about the person or company signing the contract. They know that the invoices are there, and they want to be a part of the benefits the industry is providing. FleetOne sets themselves apart in that they are not just a start up looking to capture profitability as quickly and efficiently as they can without consideration to the customer with a name. FleetOne Factoring has the personal touch that takes advantage of tech innovations but spreficially if those innovations are also to the benefit of the customer. Invoice factoring can actually turn your fleet into a profit center and still offer personal solutions that include a focus on things other than the bottom line. FleetOne Factoring offers solutions that are customized to the specific needs of the fleet because they know that not all fleets are the same. They also want to make the process as easy as possible because they care about the customer experience, with web-based tools and mobile apps allowing for an industry leading user-experience for both the fleet manager and the driver. They offer contracts that suit the all aspects of what the company requires.

While there are a lot of fleet factoring companies to choose from, they are not all the same and it is important to understand the differences.

What Makes the Difference?

While there are a lot of fleet factoring companies to choose from, they are not all the same and it is important to understand the differences. Many financing options come from banks that work with any industry, but fleet factoring has established one huge differentiator — Trucking Industry Expertise. FleetOne Factoring has the trucking experience AND strong financial foundation. They understand the trucking business and customize the programs to fit the fleet’s needs. They provide personal choice and here is what some of those choices look like.


  • Up to 95% Advance
  • Customizable program with low competitive rates
  • Free credit lookup
  • Free fuel card funding
  • Same day funding options available
  • Invoice upload online 24/7
  • Fuel discounts nationwide
  • Free billing and collections services on factored invoices
  • No monthly minimums


  • 100% Advance
  • Flat rates
  • Streamlined back office billing through FleetDocs
  • Same Day Funding
  • 24-hour account set up
  • Free fuel card funding
  • Fuel discounts nationwide
  • Free credit checks 24/7
  • We assume credit risk of your customers and handle all billing and collections
  • No monthly minimums

In an industry where payment and access to cash might seem like everything, FleetOne Factoring offers even more. They offer a relationship and they make it personal.