Web Access for Desktop Users

  • Electronically submit invoices with supporting documents for quick funding
  • Automatically compile supporting documents by load and stores images
  • Create invoices or upload invoices and supporting documents from your billing software.

Mobile App for Drivers

  • Easy-to-use scanning app for Android or iPhone
  • Snap a picture of a BOL with built-in image quality enhancements that shippers/brokers will accept
  • Communication to your drivers that the image was accepted

Why Choose WEX Fleet One Factoring?

FleetDocs gives factoring clients state-of-the-art software to streamline their accounts payable efforts.

With WEX Fleet One Factoring, fleets have a reliable partner — one with trucking experience, a secure financial foundation and fast, friendly customer service.

We understand your business and customize our programs to fit your fleet’s needs: We are ready and available to help.

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